At TBC we believe membership matters.   You may join our church in any of the following ways:

1. By Committing Your Life to Jesus Christ.  If you are not yet a Christian, but are interested in becoming a Believer, we will gladly share with you how you may accept Christ. Upon your profession of faith and baptism you will be received as a member.

2. By Baptism.  If you are already a Christian but have not been baptized by immersion after your commitment to Christ, you may request baptism. This will be scheduled at your convenience, and upon your baptism you will be received as a member.

3. By Statement of Your Faith and Baptism.  If you have been saved by faith in Jesus Christ as personal savior and have subsequently been baptized by immersion in water, you may join by statement of your faith and prior baptism.

4. By Transferring Your Membership. If you are a member of another Baptist church, you may simply request to transfer your membership into our church. We will write a letter to your former church notifying them of your change in membership.